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End of the World: a film club 

The End of the World film club began in the Fall of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to gather remotely to discuss films dealing with themes of apocalypse, dystopia, invasion,  environmental collapse, and humanity's hubris.  By exploring films which deal with abject futures (futures which are seeming more and more likely) we are able to adopt the lessons they offer, or more often than not learn what not to do.  

The End of the World film club meets weekly over Zoom on Sunday Evenings at 8pm EST

Participation is open to all and new members can join at any time.  To begin receiving the emails with links to the films and meetings, contact

Season 1 - Identifying the End of the World

Season 2 - Time and Time Again (Environment, Plague, Cabins in the Woods, & The Big Monster)

Season 3 - Nature Horror (in progress)
(co-curated with Aaron Michael Mulligan)


Season 4 (and maybe 5?)  - Alive in Dystopia (coming soon)

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